Welcome to LaFusion Online

“Entertainment Tonight” meets a Latin version of “Good Morning America” in a new show that fuses the best of Latin culture with the familiarity of the American way through celebrity profiles, travel destinations, food, culture and current events. It’s the barrio with American booya as our hosts present mainstream latin culture from around the world!

Finally, a cross section for Latin culture and the American way. Welcome to “LaFusion” the place where acculturated Latinos can catch a glimpse of themselves, and where the rest of America can learn about the less familiar side of Latin culture. This is where “la fusion” (the fusion) takes place, merging multiple facets of both cultures into one entertaining magazine style show highlighting and revealing multiple layers of Latin Culture In America.

The food, the celebrities, the travel destinations and the traditions of the second largest ethnic group in the U.S. merge into one offering a pictorial and voice to the emerging Latin American culture. Represented here, the 16% of America comprised of 50.5 million people of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Dominican, Salvadorian, Cuban and Central Spanish descent, denoting the second largest economy in America. Get a glimpse inside the lives of this dynamic group by taking a weekly journey into “La Fusion,” one show…with two audiences bringing multiple cultures the best of both worlds (no pun intended Hannah).

American Life meets Latin Culture in an engaging 1/2 hour lifestyle entertainment show!